Jongerius Consult

Onno Jongerius Consult BV ( “Jongerius Consult”) is specialised in chemicals legislation; focussing on how to organise Chemical Regulatory Compliance (CRC) efficiently and effectively within a company in its supply chain.

Jongerius Consult offers strategic and practical support of high quality to the various stakeholders working to an efficient and successful implementation of the chemicals management processes to deal with the European chemicals legislation within a company, industry sector or supply chain. The core is currently formed by the REACH Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 and the CLP regulation (EC) 1272/2008.

In parallel, we offer Chemical Regulatory Compliance (CRC) support to frontrunner companies / industry sectors that have to deal with new chemical regulatory requirements or are confronted with conflicting regulatory requirements from different chemicals legislations in the European Union. We are appreciated for our fast understanding of the critical points and ‘out of the box’ thinking coming to practical solutions in connection to the existing chemicals management processes and information systems.

Jongerius Consult works for

  • Companies / Industry sectors dealing with new or conflicting Chemical Regulatory Compliance (CRC) issues;
  • Companies that want to efficiently comply with REACH / CLP, but aligned to their business case / supply chain needs;
  • REACH Consortia and/or SIEF’s, looking for mediation and expert support;
  • Branch and sector group representatives, wanting to facilitate efficient CRC solutions to their members;
  • Companies, including small medium enterprises (SME), looking for practical training and ready to use solutions.