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The REACH Compliance Training Program

The REACH Compliance Training Program contains various Modules designed to give you practical REACH solutions for actual compliance matters. Each Module is a mix of useful background information and practical formats and tools to deal with Compliance matters in practice. The Modules can be scheduled as generic training and/or can be provided as In Company Workshop.

The scheduled training(s) take place in the beautiful location of the Holthurnsche Hof in Berg en Dal, The Netherlands, with opportunity for hotel stay. The language will be simple English (or Dutch if applicable).

Scheduled REACH Compliance Training Modules:


23 May 2019 – REACH Bootcamp (in Dutch): understand your REACH requirements in one day!

REACH Bootcamp

Understand REACH for your business case in one day!

With only half a year left to meet the last registration deadline of REACH, the question is if you know how REACH affects your business and if it is under control for the chemical products you purchase and/or you place on the market.

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30 March 2015

In evaluation of our first 5 year lustrum, we realised it was time to make a next step with our website and pick up the newer forms of communication and interaction with our customers, partners and relations.
We have chosen for a full redesign of our website in the newest technical environment. This allows you to check our website from any device. The content will automatically reshape to the options of your device; quite handy if you want to check some content on your smart phone.

The content is aligned to our mission and vision and we started a Chemical Regulator Compliance (CRC) Blog! We are looking forwards searching for more direct interaction with you on any CRC issue that is relevant for you via dedicated CRC Blogs.

More details on why we upgraded can be found on our first BLOG page.


23 November 2013

Under REACH, formulators have to process Exposure Scenario (ES) Information in the mixture SDS and have various options doing so. However a clear guidance and process how to process the ES information that is manageable and logical for formulators and the downstream users of the mixtures was not available (yet).

Since 2011, Jongerius Consult and Caesar Consult worked together in developing a practical approach of processing the ES information for Mixtures via a dedicated REACH Compliance Module 4a. In 2012, we worked on the development of a Generic Mixture Exposure Scenario (GMES) approach for the International Fragrance Association (IFRA).

We were invited to present and discuss the Critical Component Assessment (CCA) part of the GMES method on the Exchange Network on Exposure Scenarios (ENES) 5 meeting in Brussels on 21 and 22 November 2013. This was one of the four approaches from the Cefic Survey of approaches under construction that was discussed in more detail in the ENES community.

All presentations of the ENES(5) meetings can be found on the ECHA Website (follow link)

Company profile in ‘GELDERLAND TOP 100’

May 2013

Jongerius Consult did participate in a round table discussion with some other entrepreneurs in the Netherlands on how to anticipate to the economic crisis. A publication of the round table discussion and company profile was published in the “Ondernemersbelangen” of May 2014 (in Dutch)

Read publication roud table discussion: Ondernemersbelang – ronde tafel – Mei 2013

Read company profile: Ondernemersbelang – bedrijfsreportage

More than 150 people have appreciated our training modules

23 December 2012

Last year we started the REACH Compliance Training Program, as modular training program supporting companies that manufacture, import, distribute and/or use chemical substances or mixtures how to deal with the REACH regulation efficiently.
More than 150 people have appreciated our dedicated, enthusiastic and very practical training modules. Some modules have matured and evolved in a few runs to very complete and useful solutions that can be directly implemented on site!

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The seven advantages of REACH and CLP as core EU Chemicals Legislation for Industry

Blog-advantages-1Let’s make REACH & CLP work for Industry was a slogan in the beginning of REACH that is still very valid. In comparison with the old situation, we listed the seven main advantages of REACH & CLP for Industry.

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