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Dedicated In Company training & workshops can be prepared, using the relevant materials from the REACH Compliance Training program. This will have the big advantage that the training program can be further customized to the company specific needs and the focus of the question and answer sessions can be on the company specific implementation issues.

Many companies with strategic REACH issues started with allowing us to organize an interactive REACH Business Impact Workshop with the relevant stakeholders in the company (e.g. REACH team, procurement, business managers & customer services). This is highly appreciated providing better insights in the REACH Compliance requirements for the business and the short term and long term actions to take.

Are you interested to discuss if and how we could provide an In Company training for your Company  / Industry Sector? Contact us.

REACH Business Impact Workshop

Jongerius Consult is well appreciated as knowledgeable facilitator of interactive REACH Business Impact sessions within Companies or Industry Sectors.

You know your business and may have specific REACH & CLP issues. We know the legal requirements and practical implementation solutions successfully used within other companies and can align to your business case. The REACH Business Impact workshop brings the two together.

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