Chemical Regulatory Compliance (CRC) Support

To organize the chemicals management process to work towards safe use of chemicals for man and environment in your company and supply chain is a combination of:

  • Global, EU and National Chemicals Legislation working together and not in disconnection of each other;
  • Efficient Chemical Regulatory Compliance (CRC) processes in your Company;
  • Effective supply chain communication on relevant safe use information up- and downstream;
  • Each Stakeholder taking its own “Responsible Care” actions seriously from his position in the supply chain.

In the dynamics of new and changing Chemicals Legislation within the various jurisdictions and the business dynamics of your company in its supply chain, your Chemical Regulatory Compliance (CRC) process is continuously challenged with new, changing or even conflicting requirements / wishes from the legislation, enforcement bodies or from the market.

Are you puzzling how to deal with certain CRC requirements that are new, unclear or even in conflict with other CRC requirements and are you looking for strategic support?  

Are you (member of) an industry sector that is confronted with CRC Issues that seem to be specific for the sector and are you looking for strategic mediation or practical solutions? 

Are you wondering how to align any CRC requirement within your current processes and information systems? Are you looking for a “fresh pair of eyes” as sounding board with affinity for the CRC requirements, business processes and IT?