Jongerius Consult is offering support to frontrunner companies and/or industry sectors with developing practical solutions for new, changing or even conflicting Chemical Regulatory Compliance (CRC)  requirements. From our practical expertise and experiences, often in turn key projects and interactive sessions with no clear upfront solution available, we manage to create “out of the box” solutions that are practical and acceptable for all stakeholders involved.

We have a long track record of successful mediation and facilitation processes and the intrinsic drive to come to a practical and defendable solution for any Chemical Regulatory Compliance (CRC)  issue you may find yourself confronted with, working towards the safe use of chemicals in your supply chain.

This can relate to the EU Chemicals Legislation (REACH & CLP). Nearly all of these solutions were initially developed in close interaction with frontrunner companies / industry sectors and often further evolved to practical, ready to use solutions for other companies too!

This can also relate to Non-EU Chemicals Legislation or Chemicals Legislation from specific National Member States. It just asks frontrunner companies / industry sectors to contact us to see if we can come to a mutually beneficial project together. You may be surprised how fast and efficient we can align to your specific Chemical Regulatory Compliance (CRC)  Issue and work with you towards possible (out of the box) solutions.

Please leave your contact details if you want to discuss any strategic or practical CRC Issue with us.