Eastman Chemical (NL) 

Eastman_logoSupport SIEF Management process lead substances, adaptation Substance Identification Profile (SIP) & on-site SDS Assessment process

Eastman Chemical is a company that realized in an early stage that REACH is a business issue and took action accordingly. REACH has been proactively and efficiently implemented in the organization taking the lead for crucial substances within & outside the Consortia and organizing active & efficient interactions within the SIEF’s.

In 2009, Jongerius Consult has been actively involved as sounding board for the Eastman Chemical REACH team to effectively set up the SIEF Communications for the substances where Eastman Chemical had taken the lead without any further support from REACH Consortia. Amongst others, the Substance Identification Profile (SIP) provided by Cefic has been customized for the Lead substances of Eastman Chemical.

End of 2010, Jongerius Consult was sounding board in the implementation of an upgrade of the supplier Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Assessment Process within the plant in Middelburg. Staff has followed our REACH Compliance Training Module 3a and elements of the SDS Assessment Toolkit have been integrated in the on-site processes and systems.