Do you need any practical implementation support?

Jongerius Consult is appreciated as partner for various (frontrunner) companies / industry sectors dealing with REACH / CLP Compliance issues from the early times of the Regulations onwards. Together with these companies, we developed various ‘out of the box’ solutions for the practical chemicals management implementation in these companies and /or industry sectors.

We believe in the added value of REACH and CLP for Industry. We are committed to work with you as a company or industry sector to implement REACH & CLP efficient and effectively within your specific business case and existing chemicals management processes.

We are committed to further develop and make available practical chemicals management solutions created for Industry for the rest of Industry too. The more standardized and practical the chemicals management solutions become, the better REACH / CLP will work for Industry.

Supporting your REACH Registration & SIEF Management process.

Implementing an efficient and effective (Supplier) SDS Assessment process on site.

Organizing your Only Representative (OR) requirements

Supporting your Authorisation process

Access to direct support for any REACH & CLP issue 

Offering practical REACH / CLP support tools

Making REACH & CLP work for SME too