Implementing of an efficient (Supplier) SDS Assessment process on site

Have you upgraded your (Supplier) SDS Assessment process to meet the new REACH Requirements as downstream user? Can you reliably monitor the incoming extended SDSs to manage the 12 months compliance period as downstream user? Do you know how to practically do the Use Compliance Check when you receive an extended SDS of many pages and exposure scenarios? Do you know how to document the Use Compliance Check results? 

Do you know what REACH & CLP Compliance checks to do on the Supplier SDS’s, to manage your REACH Compliance Requirements?

The (extended) Safety Data Sheet under REACH is and remains to be the main carrier of safe use information of (hazardous) substances and mixtures and REACH & CLP Compliance data in the Supply Chain. Jongerius Consult has developed a practical upgrading approach of the SDS Assessment process on site to deal with these new requirements under REACH with various Companies.

We can be your sounding board reviewing and discussing how to upgrade your current SDS Assessment process and tools to meet the new requirements under REACH efficiently. Implementation support can be provided via the ready to use SDS Assessment Toolkit or via participation to our REACH Compliance training modules (3a) and (3b) introducing the SDS Assessment Toolkit and practical ES Compliance check.

Please leave your contact details if you want to discuss if and how we can support you to upgrade your SDS Assessment process on site meeting REACH Compliance.