Supporting your Authorisation process

Have you substances of very high concern or substances on the Authorisation list (REACH Annex XIV)? Are you looking for strategic support if and how to organize your Authorisation process? Are you looking for strategic or technical support to prepare and submit your Authorisation dossier in time?

The Authorisation process is for the Commission to control the substances of very high concern (sVHC) placing them in an interactive consultation process on the Authorisation list (Annex XIV) if these substance pose such a risk for man and/or environment. Once listed on the Authorisation list requires a pre-market approval (Authorisation) for all stakeholders placing these substances on the market. Ultimate goal from the Commission is that these substances have to progressively be replaced by suitable alternative substances.

We can be your sounding board reviewing and discussing if and how to work on Authorisation for your specific business case. We support Companies with the preparation and submission of Authorisation dossiers via our well appreciated Partners.

Please leave your contact details if you want to discuss any issue related to Authorisation under REACH.