The REACH Support Network

The REACH and CLP Regulations are operational as core EU Chemicals Legislation since 2007.

The number of practical, ready to use REACH / CLP Compliance solutions developed for Industry is increasing. More and more industry sectors offer practical guidances and solutions. It is our vision that REACH & CLP should work to support safe use within Industry in its full supply chains. Therefore, practical solutions developed with and for Industry should be made available for other Companies too.

In parallel, the number of Companies, including small medium enterprises (SME), that need to organize their REACH & CLP Compliance is increasing too.

The REACH Support Network is started to bring the two together.

The REACH Support Network aims to beomce one portal for you to obtain access to ready-to-use, practical REACH / CLP Compliance solutions from Jongerius Consult and trusted Partners that proved to work for Industry and that can be offered online for transparent, acceptable fixed prices.

These solutions will be made available  on line with clear instructions how to use and clear feedback from the Companies using these Solutions via the REACH Support Network.

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