Do you need any strategic support?

Jongerius Consult is appreciated as sounding board for companies with strategic REACH / CLP questions related to their specific business case and / or position in the supply chain.

We are offering strategic & practical REACH / CLP Support to industry sectors in more long term relationships. As such, in good faith and trust, we are getting a better and deeper understanding of the concrete business issues relevant for the sector working together on practical and defendable REACH / CLP strategies and solutions in the sector and/or member companies.

We are available for strategic REACH mediation between companies within a REACH Consortium and/or SIEF. Whenever there is an issue, uncertainty or dispute amongst companies, from our extended knowledge and expertise of REACH, practical implementation expertise within Industry and ‘out of the box’ thinking capacity, we can prepare a proposed way forwards or mediate amongst the opinions of the stakeholders in a structured, practical and defendable process.

REACH Compliance Review on site: a good starting point!

Working on your REACH Compliance strategy or compliance issues. 

How to process safe use information for mixtures in compliance with REACH? 

Strategic support related to REACH Inspections.