Working on your REACH Compliance issues

Do you have any question related to your REACH Compliance Strategy? Do you have specific REACH Compliance Issues with Suppliers, with your product portfolio and/or with your Customers? Do you have Registration, Authorisation and/or Restriction requirements for your substance(s) and are you not sure how to address them?

Do you have practical implementation issues of REACH Compliance within your organization?  Is Purchasing, Production, HSE versus Product Stewardship and Customer Services all involved efficiently? Do you think that the process could be improved? Are you wondering how to address them?

Do you have specific REACH Compliance issues within your Industry Sector? Interested to develop a Sector specific REACH Compliance strategy or solution?

Each company is unique in its organization, size, product portfolio, existing chemicals management processes and position in the supply chain. In addition, each company has its own expertise and availability of resources to define the most efficient REACH Compliance strategy and to deal with specific REACH Compliance issues.

We can support you with addressing your specific REACH Compliance Issues related to your specific business case and chemicals management processes. You know your business case and issue(s), we know REACH and have practical experiences with the rest of Industry to benchmark.

Please leave your contact details if you want to discuss any specific REACH Compliance issue