Are you a Small Medium Enterprise (SME) company wondering how to comply with REACH / CLP as practically as possible?

As Small Medium Enterprise (SME) company it is hard to be aware of and to keep track of all chemical regulatory compliance requirements for your specific business. The REACH & CLP requirements seem to be complex and without clarity where to focus on and how to practically comply as an SME with the limited resources in people and money is a challenging issue.

Jongerius Consult and Partners believe that REACH and CLP should work for Industry up to safe use at the workplace and in the supply chain and, as such, it should also be workable for SME too. (SME)

Companies are looking for chemicals management solutions they can understand and are relatively simple to implement.

The REACH Support Network is started as an ‘on line webshop’ of ready-to-use, practical REACH Compliance tools, trainingen and services that are offered for transparent, fixed prices, often with serious SME discounts!

Participate in our REACH Bootcamp to get a good overview of the REACH Requirements and REACH Compliance Processes for a very low SME price

You can benefit from our ready to use multilingual SDS Templates in MS Word to prepare your product SDS’s conform REACH 

You can use the SDS Assessment Toolkit to practically organise your main line of defence for REACH & CLP Compliance, 

More practical solutions on our REACH Support Network!

Please leave your contact details if you have SME specific issues / suggestions to discuss.