Extended Substance Identification Profile (SIP)

The extended Substance Identification Profile (SIP) template provides a practical substance sameness checking process and documentation template for mono-, multi-constituent and UVCB substances (see ECHA Guidance for substance identification). It is available for free.

Since 2009, ReachCentrum & Cefic have made available the ‘Substance Identification Profile (SIP)’ template as Industrial standard on their website. At that time, the SIP template and practical substance sameness checking process was developed by Onno Jongerius (working for Reachcentrum) to support Consortia and/or SIEF to agree upon the substance sameness for mono constituent substances in a standard format.

Jongerius Consult has extended the SIP template to cover also the multi-constituent or UVCB substances and included a practical use instruction explaining the envisaged substance sameness checking process.

The extended SIP template is available for free and can be used at the own responsibility of the user(s).

Fill in your contact details if you want to receive the extended SIP for free. Herewith you acknowledge that you can use it under your own responsibility and that Jongerius Consult is hold harmless for any claim of consequential damage by using the SIP Template

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