Kemira (Finland)

kemira-logoDevelopment and implementation REACH Registration & SIEF Management solution in ReachSuite within Kemira

The central REACH Implementation Team within Kemira has been responsible for a large number of registrations for the first registration deadline of 2010. Kemira was Lead Registrant for a range of substances supported by a range of REACH Consortia.

In 2009, Jongerius Consult has provided a few strategic interactive workshops internally for the Kemira REACH team to take a critical look at possible optimization of the Registration Project Management & SIEF interaction approaches.

Early 2010, after discussion of the options with the Kemira team, Jongerius Consult supported by the software supplier Baytouch has developed a comprehensive REACH Registration & SIEF Management solution in the commercial web tool REACHsuite and implemented that successfully within Kemira.

For the Kemira REACH team the REACHsuite solution provided a concrete roadmap & tool to:

  1. manage the Registration & SIEF management actions of its Lead Substances in a structured way to different contacts within and outside Kemira;
  2. practical organization of the SIEF communications for the Lead Substances via a ready to use SIEF Portal supplemented with substance-specific information and targeted Online SIEF Communications from and to the database;
  3. monitoring of the SIEF communications of its Non-Lead substances in a structured way including managing the relevant actions up to successful registration.

The Kemira REACH team has got a lot of support from the REACHsuite registration management solution provided in meeting its Registration deadlines for 2010 and is to date still a satisfied user of the tool.

The full functionality of the REACH Registration & SIEF Management solution has been further developed and is available as REACHsuite Advantage.