Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (NL)

Logo-Min-I&MWorkshop to discuss possible REACH issues and solutions for SME.

In 2013, various EU and Dutch studies were published on the impact of REACH on SME. In the Netherlands this resulted in questions from the politicians. End 2013, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (Ministry of I&M) did start a project with stakeholders from Industry to identify the bottlenecks and possible solutions for cost reduction for SME.

In September 2014, Jongerius Consult was asked to support the Ministry of I&M to organize a Workshop to discuss the findings and proposed solutions with SME representatives not involved so far. We invited SME stakeholders from our Network. From the draft project report we prepared an overview of the identified bottle necks and proposed solutions in four categories : related to registration; related to safety data sheets, related to sVHC, Authorisation & Restriction and related to the general awareness and costs. The participants provided feedback on the recognition and relevance of the identified bottlenecks and proposed solutions.

The results of the Workshop were used in the final report that was completed and send to the politician on Feb 2015.