Partners of Jongerius Consult BV

Jongerius Consult is looking for high quality services to its customers and also in her relationships with valued partners. Together we can make a more complete and comprehensive service proposition aligned to your specific business case.


Logo-CaesarConsult_RGBCaesar Consult is a consultancy firm located in Nijmegen, the Netherlands that is expert in toxicology and (occupational) exposure and risk assessment processes.  Continue reading



Apeiron-logoApeiron-Team is a consultancy firm based in Belgium, with services situated mainly in chemicals related regulations (such as REACH, CLP, Food Contact, Biocides Directive, RoHs, etc.) and Product Stewardship.  Continue reading



log-baytouchBaytouch is a successful, cloud software solution developer and added value service provider of a range of compliance-related solutions to high risk industries and chemical handling supply chains. Continue reading