Caesar Consult

Logo-CaesarConsult_RGBCaesar Consult is a consultancy firm located in Nijmegen, the Netherlands that is expert in toxicology and (occupational) exposure and risk assessment processes.

Caesar Consult provides insight into complex problems with hazardous substances and reduces related health risks.
They have been actively involved in setting up the Generic Exposure Scenarios (GES) model within the European Chemical Industry and the actual creation of Chemical Safety Reports (CSR) & implementation of Exposure Scenarios (ES) for companies like LyondellBasell and others.
Onno Jongerius and the people of Caesar Consult (main contacts are Joost van Rooij and Daan Huizer) know each other for a long time. Appreciating each other’s complementary knowledge and expertise, we are happy to offer our combined services within the REACH Compliance Training Program (successful since 2011) and dedicated projects to our Customers.

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