REACHsuite Advantage

REACHsuite Advantage provides a powerful combination of the sophisticated project management & SIEF Interaction functionalities of the software package ‘REACHsuite’  from Baytouch and the expert content of the REACH Registration & SIEF Milestones from Jongerius Consult. REACHsuite Advantage provides you with a complete, flexible and ready to use Registration & SIEF Management solution for your company (in English).

REACHsuite is a flexible web based software tool used by many REACH Consortia to manage the registration dossier development and SIEF Interactions successfully and efficiently.

REACHsuite Advantage is tested by and successfully used by the Finnish chemical company Kemira and various others afterwards. It is now available on a license base for Registration Managers / REACH team of individual companies to support them to structure and manage their REACH Registration & SIEF Interactions as Lead company as well as Non Lead for the appropriate deadlines.

Why should you use REACHsuite Advantage?

  • The expert based, ready to use content and powerful functionality of REACHsuite Advantage can be used to complete your REACH registrations for the 2018 deadline as well as manage your ‘Lead’ & ‘Non-Lead’ substances towards the 2018 deadlines as well.
  • It is the expectation that companies using REACHsuite Advantage will quicker, easier and more over take the ‘Lead’ in the registration & SIEF interaction process for their relevant substances for 2018.
  • It is also the expectation that the Lead companies are served to organize the necessary SIEF interactions in the maintenance phase for their previous 2010 & 2013 registrations (e.g. to sell & organize access to the Joint Submission dossier and manage future dossier maintenance actions) efficiently via the SIEF portal further maintained by them self (and/or Consortium if applicable).

Are you interested to discuss how REACHsuite Advantage can support you in your registration management process? Contact us.