SDS Assessment Toolkit

The SDS Assessment Toolkit is a complete toolkit to upgrade your existing SDS Assessment process on site to meet the new REACH Requirements as Downstream user. It is developed with and for Industry and ready to be used within your company within one day!

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In 2009, Jongerius Consult has developed with and for LyondellBasell an SDS Assessment Solution that provided a complete verification process to review the incoming Supplier and relevant own product (extended) Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and to document the relevant REACH Compliance checks. It includes a practical use compliance check, processing of the supplier exposure scenarios within the 12 month compliance period (REACH Article 37-39). The electronic SDS INDEX does contain all checks and automatic traffic lights to keep control of the progress of the REACH Compliance checks.

By implementing the solution in more and more companies, the SDS Assessment Solution further evolved in a SDS Assessment Toolkit that is ready to be used within your company within one day.

Content of the SDS Assessment Toolkit

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