SDS Templates (MS Word)

The SDS Templates are MS Word Templates providing you with a ready to use format holding the official headings and sub-headings of an Safety Data Sheet (SDS) in the official EU Language and conform REACH Annex II. You can customize the SDS Templates in MS Word to include your logo and company details once. After which you only have to complete the product specific data in the form fields to complete your language specific SDS in the correct format & language under REACH!

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From the practical experiences with preparing SDS’s for many years and knowledge of REACH, Jongerius Consult has developed the MS Word Templates providing you with a ready to use SDS format holding the official (sub-)headings from the REACH Annex II in the official EU Language.

SDS-template-4The SDS Templates are an ideal tool for those (SME) companies that do not have a commercial SDS software package and/or have a limited number of products. The ready to use format in line with the REACH Annex II will ease also the data entry in the ready to use form fields. As such, it allows them, in a very cost effective way, to prepare, maintain and distribute their multi-lingual safety data sheets (SDS) in the correct languages and in compliance with REACH & CLP.


You can order and download the SDS Templates (MS Word) online in your desired EU Languages via our REACH Support Network. You can download the complete SDS Template (English) for free to experience the ease and advantages of the ready to use SDS format in MS Word yourself.

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