It is our vision  that an efficient & effective Chemical Regulatory Compliance (CRC) strategy and chemicals management process is essential for a “Responsible Care” company that produces, import and/or uses chemical products.

Your supply chain has to be able to provide you with the raw materials you need and to receive your products meeting their expectations. The chemicals management processes organized from the HSE / Product Stewardship departments is sometimes seen as an additional cost factor and a burden. Managing the CRC aspects can secure the supply of raw materials and products in the supply chain. In addition, contributing to the safe use of chemical products in your company and supply chain is important for a “Sustainable Responsible Care” company too.

Sometimes an “extra pair of eyes” can be very helpful that reviews, discusses, challenges and supports your CRC strategy and implementation processes. We can offer the unique combination of relevant expertise and experiences in the CRC legislation, use of (commercial) IT solutions and benchmark experiences from the many other companies with whom we have had the privilege working with.

Please leave your contact details if you want to discuss any issue you may have with your Chemical Regulatory Compliance Implementation process.