Supporting your REACH Registration & SIEF Management process 

Do you know how to practically manage the REACH Registration Requirements for the substances in your manufactured or imported products? Have you implemented a periodical Substance Volume Tracking (SVT) process to keep track on the Registration thresholds based on the volumes manufactured / imported? 

Is it your first time you have to submit Registration dossiers? Do you know how to manage the Registration process as Lead Registrant efficiently? Do you know how to manage your Registration as a non lead member? Do you know how to manage your Substance Information Exchange Forum (SIEF) as lead registrant? Any issue with your Registrations?

The Registration dossier is your license to do business in Europe. Jongerius Consult has been a sounding board for an efficient Registration process for Lead Registrants & Non-Lead Registrants. We support Companies with the preparation and submission of Registration dossiers via our well appreciated Partners.

We can offer various practical REACH support tools for the Registration process.

Please leave your contact details if you want to discuss if and how we can support you with your Registration process under REACH.