Why clients choose Jongerius Consult?

Jongerius Consult is strong by the unique combination of a thorough knowledge of (inter)national Chemicals Legislation, powerful process and strategic thinking aligned to your specific business case and affinity with IT & group facilitation processes. Onno Jongerius likes to think “out-of-the-box” along with leaders in the industry and he is valued as strategic sparring partner. Quickly he makes the translation to the possible impact and consequences for your specific business case and thinks with you on the best possible next steps to take.

Jongerius Consult creates practical solutions for strategic business processes that are not entirely clear or current yet. Jongerius is known of viewing the matter in a broader context than the original question. Jongerius supports interactive sessions with the group, he brings people together and he provides insight into the blind spots and possible solutions. With a helicopter overview of the envisaged processes, Jongerius provides for practical implementation solutions within your company and within your business case.

This is reflected in the variety of projects and satisfied clients.

Who is Onno Jongerius?